UX Design Ignition

Live, Online

Certificate | Part-Time | 10 Weeks

Learn the techniques of user experience and user interface design.

10-Week, Part-Time, Live Online

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Learn core user experience design skills starting from the basics.

UX Ignition is an introductory course perfect for anyone new to the field that is interested in learning how to design for end users, or for professionals already working in product design that will benefit from learning the practical and highly sought-after skills taught in this course.

What You Will Get

Professional Instruction

Live online course with professional instructors. Stay motivated by working with teams and industry experts to get the help you need when you need it.

Foundational Experience

Build a functioning web application that demonstrates your programming skills and add it to your resume or personal portfolio.

Project-Based Learning

Build a functioning web application that demonstrates your programming skills and add it to your resume or personal portfolio.

UX Design Certificate

Graduate with a Certificate in UX Design from Norwich University which is valuable for your next step as a learner or as a professional.

What Students Say

"Learning UX design with Benny from BCA helped me become a more effective product lead. He taught me how to practically evaluate and deliver design solutions that put the user first and drive the bottom line."
Robin, past bootcamp student
Robin Hrynyszyn
Product Lead at USM, Program Graduate

Course Curriculum

Advance your career with UX/UI Design Thinking

This course cultivates your analysis skills when it comes to optimizing the user experience of digital products, from websites to software applications. You'll design your project from scratch, starting from sketches all the way to a high-fidelity prototype.

Concepts we'll cover

  • Intro to Design Thinking
  • User Research Foundations
  • Content Architecture
  • User Interface Design Essentials
  • Prototyping
  • Project Presentation

What to expect.

  • No experience necessary.
  • No prior design skills needed.
  • Build foundations for advanced- or self-learning.
  • Perfect for employees looking to up-skill.
  • Challenging and rewarding.


Weeks 1 - 4

User Experience: Principles

What constitutes a good user experience? You'll learn this, alongside user interface design knowledge in order to sketch your first design solution. User research is an incredibly important element of developing a digital product, so you'll also learn the different methods used to power your design thinking.

Weeks 5 - 7

Human-Centered Design and Usability in Prototyping

Prorotyping is a key process for the design of digital products. You'll enter the world of accessibility through user interfaces, and get acquainted with the guidelines popular when designing for the screen. You'll begin your prototyping with pen and paper, and get to experience your designs in the hands of users. Thus the iteration process begins.

Weeks 8 - 10

Iterative Design Process & Final Project

The insight you gather at each stage of the iteration process will help you make the next even better. You'll integrate your research findings, and then begin your final project on an industry problem. The final design will be a protoype you can be proud of, and you'll prepare your final project for presentation.

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Tuition & Financing


Full Tuition

Up To $2,000

In Grants and Scholarships

There are lots of grants and scholarships available for these programs. Most students use grants to cover a big chunk of their tuition.


Pay monthly with Bootcamp loans

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$0 Down

Pay the rest after you're hired

Apply for an Income Share Agreement (ISA) and begin paying for the course tuition only after you get a job.

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